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Stretch Studio
by Living Legacy Pilates

Living Legacy Pilates is excited to be expanding our services. We are now one-on-one offering stretch sessions with our professional stretch therapists. 

Stretch therapy is designed to increase mobility, flexibility, and blood flow. It is beneficial for anyone, from those who are need help recovering from an active lifestyle or those looking to keep moving.

Your Stretch Therapist will work with you to create a personalized stretch plan to help you achieve your goals. 

What to Expect

Please remove shoes upon entering the studio, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely please try and refrain from zippers and metal on clothing. Please have a pair of socks available. We have extra if you forget. We do not accept tips. 

Please make sure to clearly communicate if you need more or less pressure from your therapist. Our therapists will always use caution when stretching, so it is crucial that there is clear communication between client and therapist. We want everyone to have a great experience.

Scheduling Your Session

Choose between 25 and 50 minute sessions based on your individual needs. Purchase one of our packages to save up to 100 dollars. 

25 minute sessions:

5 Pack 25min Stretch-$200

10 Pack 25min Stretch-$350

50 minute sessions:

Single 50min Stretch $70

5 Pack 50min Stretch $325

10 Pack 50min Stretch $600

Curious what stretch therapy can do for you? Try our intro package, $165 for your first three 50 minute stretch sessions.

Sessions are booking fast, schedule your appointment now.

Give the gift of stretch therapy. 

Perfect for everyone from fitness fanatics to those looking for a relaxing reset to reduce their stress.


Stretch Studio Intro Pack: $165.00

Our Stretch Therapists

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