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Romana’s Pilates International Instructor Training Program

What makes ITP unique?

Living Legacy Pilates is passionate about educating the next generation of Pilates Instructors to continue sharing the life-changing work of Joseph Pilates. We are proud to offer Romana’s Pilates International Instructor Training Program at our studio.
Romana Kryzanowska studied directly under Joseph Pilates for a number of years. She hand-picked instructors to train with her, and continue Joseph Pilates legacy. ITP comes from Joseph’s protégé and offers the unique opportunity to train under the lens of Joseph Pilates’s original vision.

About the program

ITP will take you through three levels of training; basic, intermediate and advanced. It will provide you with the skills to teach students anything from Pre-Pilates, to advanced apparatus work. The program focuses on learning to teach those with physical limitations.
All trainees will be expected to have attained an intermediate level of Pilates practice themselves before beginning the certification process. Trainees will attend Romana’s Pilates Seminars, and will be required to pass instructor testing at all three levels in order to obtain their certification. 

Are you an ideal candidate?


We are looking for people passionate about improving the lives of their community through movement. Ideal candidates are dedicated, organized, and manage time well. The certification process is organized as an instructor led and independent study. As a result, you are largely responsible for your own progress. Highly motivated people will excel in our program.
ITP does require both financial and time commitments. However, at Living Legacy Pilates we believe in the importance of accessibility to high-quality instructor education. We are open to sponsoring Instructors who meet our criteria.
Contact to find out more about ITP and potential sponsorship opportunities.

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